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The Mosque explained by its conservative

12/12/2012 admin 1

Juan Carlos Ortega comes today in the mosque of Cordoba to find his invisible half. Gabriel Rebollo, conservative architect reviews the history of this building built during 1200 years old. The historical context of Al-Andalus Eduardo Manzano explains it, director […]

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The Mosque. Rafael Moneo 1

24/03/2009 Brunildo 0

The English edition of the prestigious art magazine FMR (Franco Maria Ricci) dedicated in its July / August 1988, an extensive report (page 91 a la 120) con textos de Rafael Moneo y de Washington Irving […]

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Muhammad Iqbal writes a poem about the Mosque

16/01/2009 admin 2

Poem written by Muhammad Iqbal 1933 after visiting the temple, and entitled:Masjid-i-Qartaba (Mosque of Cordoba)“My visit to the Mosque has risen to such a height of feeling as I had never reached before” (Iqbal) The philosopher, Indian writer and politician […]

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Mosque in description 1836

15/01/2009 admin 0

CORDOBA MOSQUE OR CATHEDRAL. Description in “It Instructor” very interesting for its objectivity. Abderrahman I Principle construction of this famous Mosque, but death prevented him from completing the work, leaving his son and successor Histuun the […]

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Light as a spiritual resource

15/01/2009 Esteban 1

“God is light and love in every soul look that sparkles” Muhammad. ♦ We can perform a read of this building based on an element that has set up your character along its trajectory: […]