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Earthquake in Cordoba

19/01/2009 admin 0

Document No.. 142 944, night 2 to the 3 July. Intense earthquake in Cordoba “In this year 332 There was a violent earthquake in Cordoba, Candle in nine past Tuesday dú-l-Qa'da (= August 3 944); […]

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Muhammad Iqbal writes a poem about the Mosque

16/01/2009 admin 2

Poem written by Muhammad Iqbal 1933 after visiting the temple, and entitled:Masjid-i-Qartaba (Mosque of Cordoba)“My visit to the Mosque has risen to such a height of feeling as I had never reached before” (Iqbal) The philosopher, Indian writer and politician […]

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The Mosque in the pages of the Count,

15/01/2009 Esteban 0

É then everyone, su because the mosque of Cordova was not finished, she added in all the work that king, there Mengua, and finished. And this was the best and noblest complida and Moorish mosque avian […]