Sinking the Mosque of Cordoba!

09/03/2010 admin 0

Do not panic dear reader, Luckily this happened in 1932, and fortunately also, water does not reach the river. But yes, ride a ruckus care, abrió un debate que acabó en los periódicos y revistas de la época. […]

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Madinat al-Zahra a Video

22/02/2010 Esteban 2

Explanation of the palatial city, costruir commanded by Abd al-Rahman III in 936, Recreation by 3D Palace on /

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Restoration as an historical process. Velazquez Bosco

25/01/2010 Esteban 2

According to the different historical periods, restorers of historic buildings architects, have undertaken this work different approaches. From a reconstructive intervention, rehabilitative architect and "stylistic" as Viollet-le-Duc did with the walls of Carcassonne, to the defense of […]