Grave Inca Garcilaso

The tomb of the Inca Garcilaso

07/10/2013 admin 1

The Inca Garcilaso died in Cordoba, at his home in the Parish of St. Mary the 22 April 1616: ten days after having completed 77 years old. He was buried in the chapel he himself commanded build with […]

Monogram Pablo de Céspedes

Monogram Pablo de Céspedes

27/09/2010 admin 0

Monogram, once very popular, is coupled with heraldry, sources that calved existing brands today we look up in t. It is a symbol that is usually built with the initials of a name. Monograms had in […]

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And Mechanical Engineering in Islam

01/05/2010 admin 0

The Mosque of Cordoba and ingenuity to sustain constructive masses above, and leave the floor virtually transparent, is the presentation of this documentary is one of the series which consists “The Scientific Legacy of the Arab World”. […]

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Cordobanes and guadamecíes

14/04/2010 admin 3

The word equivalent cordovan leather worked in Córdoba, and so it was known since the early Middle Ages in Western Europe. The voice Guadamecí, although originally from Ghadames Society, border between Algeria and Libya, It is clearly […]