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The Qibla in al-Andalus

04/03/2010 admin 1

In the case of al-Andalus, one can speak of four trends. First, the most commonly used was the "trend Suhayl" and should identify with those mosques taking as a model the mosque of Cordoba, definitely, capital. In […]

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The mihrab and the attacks of 11-S

26/03/2009 admin 0

Yes, if that will surprise you, but the proportions of the horseshoe arch of the mihrab seems to be the pattern of the memorial monument is rising on the site of the State of Philadelphia where the flight crashed This image […]

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The mosaics of the Mosque of Cordoba

24/03/2009 Esteban 1

This book published by Henri Stern in 1971 is an interesting study (French is) on the mosaics that decorate the Mihrab of the Mosque of Cordoba. Beginning with a description of them in the dome and […]

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The builders of the Mihrab

21/01/2009 admin 0

This registration Mihrab, realizes its constructor. I have to locate where you are and photograph. Or someone knows and can save me the work? Another inscription (or perhaps the same). The majority of the conserved inscriptions […]

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The Renaissance is inspired Mihrab Guarini

20/01/2009 admin 0

Guarino Guarini, (nombre full Guarino Guarini Camillo), Modena,(1624 – Milan, 1683) mathematical, Italian writer and architect of the seventeenth century. It was both a student of mathematics, professor of literature and philosophy in Messina, and, from seventeen- architect […]

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The soles of the mihrab of Al-Andalus

18/01/2009 admin 0

(…) The third type mentioned is the mihrab of flat polygonal whose interior is divided into a socket, a frieze of arches and dome intermediate. Their model is to be found in the mihrab of the Caliphate […]

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Perhaps the first Mihrab

15/01/2009 Esteban 0

This is one of the most important pieces in the Archaeological Museum of Cordoba and, by their morphological and decoration, may correspond to a mihrab monolithic VIII century AD. indicating, […]