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Alphabetical glossary of architectural terms

11/01/2010 admin 0

It would be good to build a glossary of architectural terms regarding the Mosque. This would complement the already made of the description of parts. How can we edit this post all, I invite those who Vaya completándolo. Yo me he […]

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Definition and types of mosques

18/01/2009 admin 1

The mosque is the center of Muslim communities, both East and West. It serves as a place of prayer, its original function and primary-, but preaching, teaching, de reuniones sociales y de escenario de acontecimientos […]

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Mosque: Definition and parts

18/01/2009 admin 0

The mosque is a space to gather the worshipers, well as a room cubieto (haram), well in the open court as a (Sahn) with the sin galleries (riwaq). Las formas y disposiciones de estos elementos son muy […]