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Cypress Stone

20/01/2010 admin 0

CYPRESS STONE (the finding of a metaphor) I like the view of the city from the rooftop. Whenever I have the opportunity to upload them to take a cigarette. I stay for a while contemplative and let […]

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Altarpiece of Santa Maria del Sol

19/01/2010 admin 3

Although the altarpiece is baroque, the table is dated to mid-fifteenth century. It is located in a pillar between ships 16 and 17. The Baroque altarpiece is later, of the first half of the eighteenth century. Antonio del Castillo […]

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And Giralda Minaret

11/02/2009 Esteban 0

In these two interesting pictures we can see that the extension Hernan Ruiz worked with the construction of the bell tower, and the interior structure of the Almohad minaret ramps cast in Seville Giralda.

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Transfer of bells

05/02/2009 Esteban 0

Cuando Fernando III conquer Cordoba,became the Mezquita Catedral, placing the cross on the minaret of Abderrahman III and ordering lead to Santiago de Compostela, shoulders of Muslim prisoners, the great bells of the cathedral. They had been transferred […]

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Mosque gets its island of light

30/01/2009 admin 0

FEATURE: Signs Mosque gets his island light. The restoration of Christian Cruise returns its original lighting MANUEL J. ALBERT – Cordova – 30/01/2009 – The country's most important monument in Cordoba, its Mosquel, It is a building as […]

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Bells with names

19/01/2009 admin 1

Recent interventions in the bell tower have removed all graffiti, antiguos the modern, that could inform on the activities of the ringers and visitors to the room. However, in one of the […]

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Compostela bells and more

13/01/2009 admin 0

Compostela bells and more Finally, Muslims entered Cordova, preceded by four thousand captives, many wagons loaded with gold, silver and valuables fruit of that memorable expedition. Al-Makkari Refiere, and corroborates […]