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Madinat al-Zahra a Video

22/02/2010 Esteban 2

Explanation of the palatial city, costruir commanded by Abd al-Rahman III in 936, Recreation by 3D Palace on /

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Almanzor (938-1002)

20/02/2010 Esteban 3

Documentary TVE 2nd string into three parts. Superb documentary produced by Spanish TV where a thorough description of the figure of Al-Mansur Billah performed (Almanzor), character in the history of Cordoba which extended, doubling its volume, […]

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Ziryab and singing Andalusian.

08/02/2010 Esteban 6

Music was another of the lessons taught in the Great Mosque where elfamoso Ziryab musician founded the first conservatory in the madrassa Islamic world and introduced Arabic chants known as Nuba. Their musical innovations […]

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Restoration as an historical process. Velazquez Bosco

25/01/2010 Esteban 2

According to the different historical periods, restorers of historic buildings architects, have undertaken this work different approaches. From a reconstructive intervention, rehabilitative architect and "stylistic" as Viollet-le-Duc did with the walls of Carcassonne, to the defense of […]