The Mosque explained by its conservative

Juan Carlos Ortega comes today in the mosque of Cordoba to find his invisible half. Gabriel Rebollo, conservative architect reviews the history of this building built during 1200 years old. The historical context of Al-Andalus Eduardo Manzano explains it, Director of Human and Social Sciences CSIC. The Arabist epigraphist María Antonia Martínez and we read the inscriptions on the stones and archaeologist Peter Ivory, that has been excavated for years in the building, talks about the latest discoveries. Monica Ruiz brings us closer to an invisible, the orientation of the mosque, not Mecca. We also visited, Medina Zahara, the archaeological and museum.

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  1. Mr., Mrs.,

    We are a group composed of three french students from Paris Political Studies Institut, and we are currently studying the andalous architecture. We are leading this research in the context of an association named Babel Initiative. More specifically, we are willing to fucus on the relationship between islam and catholicism in architecture. For example, we want to know if there are vestiges of islamic architecture in catholics monuments, or if it was usual for christians to reuse muslims buildings.
    In February, we will have the pleasure to go by ourselves in Andalusia to study this question more specifically. We will visit Cordoba, and we are looking for expert of the mosque of Cordoba, especially Mr. Rebollo. Could you contact me for further request ?

    Best Regards,

    Chloé Leprompt

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