The silver Mosque in Cordoba

Mezquita realizada en plata cordobesa

On the net I found this interesting photo today a model of the Cordoba Mosque made of silver. I do not know details about the size and weight, but is very similar to the wooden model that was displayed in the Information Center. It is likely that this, by value, You may end up showing off in the never opened Visitor Reception Centre Puerta del Puente. Then copy the data from source:

Stretched Silver Mosque of Cordoba, a limited edition made by students of the CEJ of Córdoba. This piece is the result of traditional know-how of the silversmiths and goldsmiths Cordoba through different techniques acquired over the centuries by the jewelery sector. These techniques are particularly represented in the processes of hand engraved and embossed, which can be seen on the roofs and walls, or the application of new techniques used in modeling and casting playback orange ornaments and other vegetable.

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  1. hello, soy fabricante de joyería, desconozco el autor de esta maqueta, que esta muy bien realizada. solo comentar que nosotros fabricamos la reproducción de La Mezquita Catedral de Córdoba tanto en Plata como en metal plateado. El ayuntamiento de Córdoba le regaló a los entonces Príncipes una reproducción, cuando vinieron a inaugurar las visita nocturna. restamos a su disposición

    a greeting

    • I have a shop of jewelry and silver near the Mosque of Cordoba. I'm interested to talk to you about your work I leave my phone contact 672155487 Salvador thanks and greetings

    • That model was made by the students of the Cordoba Jewelry School Consortium in their first promotion.

  2. This model was made by the Cordoba Jewelry School Consortium in its first batch. Students from different classes participated. (Orfebrería, wax modeling, foundry…etc.)I was one of the students of that first batch and the picturesqueness of its whereabouts has caught my attention., since for the year that it was exhibited in JOYACOR,They called it a marvel of Cordovan goldsmithing. Needless to say, that almost all the credit is due to the Lama brothers (goldsmiths who taught classes in this specialty) and Joaquin, the wax modeling teacher. Finally, Manuel Saco was the foundry teacher and I think I remember that the one who took out the fire was a certain Enrique.

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