A mosque with the name of “Cordoba House” Ground Zero in NY

The project is causing a stir among the victims of those terrorist attacks
Any "Cordoba House" next to Ground Zero?

The proposed construction of a mosque near Ground Zero in New York, on a site damaged by the attacks of 11-S, is causing a stir among the victims of those terrorist attacks. According to CNN, of the macro-storey building to house thirteen mosque and Muslim cultural center- has obtained the first approval by the Community Board of Lower Manhattan.
The center would be called “Cordoba House“, and is financially backed by two Muslim organizations, the “American Society for Muslim Advancement” and “Cordoba Initiative“. Construction completed in three to five years, and rise in the field of “Burlington Coat Factory”, an old building slightly damaged during attacks by Al Qaeda on 11 September 2001. Construction completed in three to five years.
Proponents of the initiative claim that the mosque construction near Ground Zero to help facilitate dialogue between the West and Islam. “Also serve as a platform to expand the voice of the silent majority of Muslims, that have nothing to do with extremist ideologies”, He said the executive director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement, Daisy Khan.
But many victims of 11-S have been the outcry by the siting, and ask “respect for their dead relatives”. Barry Zelman, who lost a brother in the attacks, recalled that these were committed “in the name of Islam” and described as “sacrilege” build a mosque “in the sacred place where these people died”.

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  1. New Yorkers against the construction of the mosque at ground zero

    By Agencia EFE - makes 18 hours

    NY, 2 jul (EFE).- The 52 percent of New Yorkers are against the construction of the mosque that wants to erect next to Ground Zero in Manhattan, reveals a survey by Quinnipiac University (Connecticut), published today on its website.

    The survey, performed for a population of 1.183 New Yorkers, reflects that only one 31% of respondents would support the mosque and cultural center is to be built two blocks from the scene of the attacks 11 September 2001, while an 17% I would be hesitant about the proposal.

    The proposal, that part of the Cordoba Initiative partnership, aims to raise the complex “Cordoba House”, which will feature theater for five hundred people, gym, pool, prayer room, cooking school and restaurant, where there is now an abandoned building 152 years old. (…)


  2. TO MY KNOWLEDGE CONSIDER SHORT : 1º precismente That should not build any building in that area that has something to do with the Islamic religion .2 º Let every believer of the Islamic religion, and any other religion that is allowed access to the temple;as it must shed its footwear should sign printed on it a little to clear ,should include specific and concise oath never act in an act of TERRORISM of any kind in any place.


  3. I sincerely believe that Obama's support of the Mosque at ground zero it is based, not so much in support of the president to religious freedom and other, but by the trade agreement signed with Saudi Arabia worth 30.000 million $ for sale de84 fighter aircraft f-15 and other weapons material.

    Do not be surprised if one of the conditions of Saudi Arabia, State ambiguous on the issue of transnational terrorism, for you to sign the agreement with the U.S. is “Obama, I'll sign the contract but supporting my project Mosque”.
    Namely, if no commercial interests behind, I can not understand the great support of Obama “Cordoba House”… But, the truth, I understand nothing.

    Do you?

    • This is a really effectively blinded and may have affected the position. I also assume that I will be given that the Muslim majority in the U.S. is black, and also that the laws on hand, ban goes against the constitution and freedom of worship.
      Of course it is all a crossroads.

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