Leavers Royal Chapel restoration of Cathedral of Cordoba

Terminan los estudios de restauración de Capilla Real de Catedral de Córdoba

Capilla Real de la Mezquita de Córdoba
Los estudios sobre el estado de conservación de la Capilla Real de la Catedral de Córdoba han terminado por parte del Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España (IPCE) with a view to start the restoration work, said the Ministry of Culture.

The Royal Chapel of Córdoba, which was built by Henry II to save bury Ferdinand IV and Alfonso XI in an integrated extension of the mosque by al-Hakam II space, has been investigated by the EICP, specific, construction phases of the Chapel Royal and plasterwork.

Also, study has documented all interventions, historical changes and reforms that have hit the space of the Chapel Royal, which was built in three stages: el Califato, the thirteenth century and the final creation of the Chapel in 1371.

Especially, have assessed the reform tardogótica late fifteenth century that occurred during the reign of the Catholic Monarchs and the variations suffered that set up the restoration architect Ricardo Velázquez rushed Bosco, according to the press release.

The IPCE has also analyzed the state of conservation of architecture and decoration, plasterwork, tiled, columns and stained glass- and included a photographic record.

Source: http://www.adn.es/cultura/20100628/NWS-1407-Terminan-Catedral-Cordoba-Capilla-Real.html

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