Altarpiece of Santa Maria del Sol


Although the altarpiece is baroque, the table is dated to mid-fifteenth century. It is located in a pillar between ships 16 and 17. The Baroque altarpiece is later, of the first half of the eighteenth century. the use of pattern to another Virgin del Sol greatly venerated in Seville and it is virtually a copy of this.

Picture painted by Antonio Castillo, now in a private collection

Copy of Antonio del Castillo
Surprisingly, exists in Seville (the existió) a representation of that virgin attributed nothing more and nothing less than the Cordoba painter Antonio del Castillo. The millimeter like a box and another, considering that the Castle was born in 1650, It is truly amazing. It is hard to think that Antonio del Castillo did pinpoint copy of a work and not to resist to give his stamp of creator.

It seems that the box, which was “until a few years ago, in the Convent of Santa María de los Reyes Santiago Street, now disappeared, there was a Virgin of the Sun of great veneration by the Sevillian women attending She Sol to ask him to do a certain day, to bad weather will not desluciera a wedding, a first communion or a family celebration. According to popular devotion the Virgin and it always granted when requested in connection with a religious act , wedding, christening, communion etc., but not for a hike or a secular holiday”.-SEVILLA MARIANA. JUAN MARTINEZ ALCAIDE, once 485.-

They arrive in Seville even ensure that: “One of the greatest successes of Antonio del Castillo Saavedra was the painting of the Madonna del Sol, it creates a defined iconography of this title.”

“The invocation of the Virgin del Sol is very old, and already in the writings of the early Church Fathers compared Mary appears to SOL. Dionysius Areopagite still alive who knew, that to get to Her, felt overwhelmed by their shining light that flooded.”

The Virgin with dark blue dress and cloak, decorated with golden leaves, with some Byzantine taste and topped with fifteen rays of sun, each topped by a star, appears standing on a half moon, with open arms, featuring open hands, directing the viewer palms. On his chest is another Sol on with its rays and in the center of it is a tiny baby Jesus stand and attitude of blessing.

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    • Not easy to find pictures of this table. There are just postcards Christian artistic heritage of the Mosque. The beauty of Muslim construction has overshadowed the rest promotionally.
      Possibly the picture published here is the best you can find.

  1. Flowers could tell me if the mantle of the Virgin are of particular species and whether they have any symbolism? Thanks.

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