The problems with the Mosque of Cordoba President Obama

Los problemas con la Mezquita de Córdoba del Presidente Obama

Barack Obama en la Mezquita de Córdoba

Perhaps, and just maybe, la culpa fue del chachachá, o a lo peor es una maldición sacundiana por haber rechazado la invitación de Don Andrés a visitar la ciudad. What is clear is that the city of Cordoba is becoming a thorn in Caesar, and step is putting this city in all media empire. I do not know the input data of American tourists in town, but perhaps those that have increased overnight stays in July 1 as black as we have just experienced. Of course there is a clear opportunity; It is the perfect time to start tourism marketing operations in the Big Apple, because the work is almost done, just have to send brochures. There is now a famous town in NY that our discrete village. And all at the expense of wanting to raise Mosque at Ground Zero and bearing the name of our beloved Córdoba. There is nothing! now is really going to be clear that Mexico is not in Córdoba (but also).

They say that Man is the only animal that trips twice over the same stone, and Obama is no exception. Twice already encountered Córdoba President. I understand that your wife had delicious careful not visit the mosque in their holiday marbellíes, however, I'm totally sure it will be the first city to visit when you take your bags to the White House, it seems that fate will unite the mandate of the first black president in the history of our city. Volvemos a search protagonistas of the Historical.

Let us briefly recall the pitfalls of with Córdoba: The first was in the historic and memorable conference in Cairo. There began the conceptual problems with Obama Córdoba: refirió is the "Andalusia and Cordoba" as the different entities, Examples of the "proud tradition of tolerance of Islam" (…) "During the Inquisition". Neither was tolerant Islam in the conquest of Visigothic Hispania and during the Caliphate of Córdoba, nor was the Inquisition, would not be founded until four centuries later. There was other, recognized as Américo Castro, a kind of Islamic inquisition in which to some extent inspire the Spanish Catholic at the end of the Reconquista. In order! yo I think this will turn in a repeat, because the latter has hit full at Ground Zero and has radically revolutionized American opinion. The construction of a building therein, with the name of “Córdoba House” to open a mosque in the center of the wound, He has served as an effective geography lesson for the American people. Still do not know exactly where Madrid falls, but appears as Córdoba have clearly identified the.
This unexpected relationship with Obama Córdoba, it is not a trifle, is generating far-reaching debates about their government and will have to wait and see how this ends. What is clear is that our city is topical in the Big Apple, and this is an opportunity.

Deputy depth analysis here and like all biased, that can give you an idea of ​​the debate generated around the supposed tolerance containing the Spirit of Cordoba.

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  1. I feel a concern about the obsession of Arab, by Granada and Cordoba.
    Let them know that Córdoba is the Cordobeses Granada and the Grenadines, that their story has nothing to do with our history,that drove them here and here sooner or later thrown out, can not try to recover something lost long ago and now is not theirs or they belong. This is only our politicians who have left unchecked come with all the rights we invented it for them, Spanish because we do not reach them or the soles of the shoes in picture beside them. THANKS FOR HELPING THE SPANISH .(PRESIDENT)

  2. monica read some history you would not go wrong…cordoba of Cordoba and granda of Granada????I would like to answer you .. but your low level of education intelctual…you are not going to allow to understand

    • Well if you're so kind,I beg you will answer,so step,we can objectify the intellectual level you have your,you dare??independently you agree or not,thus exposed this lady or Miss,I do not think it necessary to hand,already show disrespect to,Referring you whether or not a dumbed,So if you're so kind I challenge you to that kind of story is the give your,and as I mentioned before,so we can evaluate others if your level is to rise to the occasion….historical.
      Knight greetings,I remain waiting forward to your history lesson.

  3. First things first, I see so outlandish that Muslims want to come to Cordoba or Granada, like the Jews are said to hold the keys of his house Córdoba; and that is so for a very plain and simple thing, when they expelled the Moors and Jews from Spain, was not expelling some foreign, because after seven centuries, Jews and Muslims were as Spanish as those born during this period of Christian religion; only that it hizo fue expel Cordobeses (Spanish) of Spain, only by their religion; Spanish is Muslim and Jewish Spanish. Another thing is that we give these two Spanish cities to other communities, thing quite impossible, because Spain are indivisible.

  4. Now you mean that musilmanes damage because they are not ambles cities and real cities such as Morocco do not say anything or say why Catholics visiting our city . They are ambles even if they are of another religion are equal q we live like us…

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