The numbers and geometry in Islam

A very interesting and comprehensive documentary on the Geometry and its role in the culture of Islam. The Mosque of Cordoba, although it is not the protagonist of the documentary, is clearly an excellent example of this culture the number.

THE ARAB WORLD SCIENTIFIC LEGACY. "Mathematics". Documentary made in 1984 by Rafael Sáenz de Heredia and the Mathematics chapter includes. Islamic civilization in mathematics enjoy a privileged position that transcends the world of art and even beliefs. No wonder the Arabs inherited and collected the great achievements of the Greeks, added to that of the Mesopotamians as Egypt, Persia and India. But they also gave the mathematical science scholars own momentum as the Persian Alhuaritmi field calculation. The numbering system devised by the Arabs makes them almost the founders of arithmetic but, also, made algebra an exact science, laid the foundations of analytical geometry and gave body to science plane and spherical trigonometry. In summary, Arabs get to implement a science hitherto only speculative.

Making and Writing: Ricardo Sáenz de Heredia
Production: Rafael Cortes
Photography: Hans Burmann
Music: Teddy Bautista
Presentation: Roger Garaudy

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