Restoration as an historical process. Velazquez Bosco

According to the different historical periods, restorers of historic buildings architects, have undertaken this work different approaches. From a reconstructive intervention, rehabilitative architect and "stylistic" as Viollet-le-Duc did with the walls of Carcassonne, defense to ruin a "antirrestauradora" attitude Ruskin proposed. No conciliatory posture without meeting between both, defended by Boito, Giovannoni, o Brandi.

Ricardo Velazquez Bosco, one of the principal architects who have spoken in the Mosque, is "one of the first to be away from styling, proposing more rigorous methods and backed by historical and archaeological research”.

It was Inspector of Monuments in the South, directed the excavations of Medina Azahara and drafted sixteen restoration projects of the Mosque of Cordoba.

Among other thing , restored the techumbres and the gates of the Mosque, in one of which curiously introduced a epigraphy small set of authentication.

In this work Oscar Fernandez reign, find more information:
"Archaeology and the architect. Restoration as an historical process
”. 1999. Download PDF

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