The Gate of the viziers of the Umayyad Mosque of Cordoba


Viziers DOOR OF MOSQUE OF CORDOBA OMEYA Archaeologist Peter Ivory presented in this work the results of the archaeological investigation of the oldest Islamic cover of the West, the Gate of the viziers of the Mosque of Cordoba (Spain). This gate was built in the eighth century and was renovated in the ninth century AD. His research has been aimed at knowing the importance of this door and to value as aesthetic expression and material of the Archaeology and History of Islamic Art in the training period, and as a key to understanding the development and evolution of Hispano art.


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  1. The door of this picture is quite different from what we see today. In that part s unique, or overlay work, Original ... The picture is small,gstaria me know if crosses "Greek"(?) above it (4) who are perfectly in the current photo were covered in this. Were positioned ahi.en twentieth century stucco or are covered by?, That surprise me much. But if they were already there and in this picture are only covered only Arian would demonstrate the origin of that door and building. The bow would not be as, Muslim, if Visigoth well as the original building. In Almonaster have a "mosque" small, but in essence equal to this, who owns the cross on the lintel of entry (Tesla original entry?) such (slight differences), together with some lisardos, I think they are symbols Arian. Are those crosses Arians symbols or mere decorative details that are passed from one culture to another and free of religious content?. Dudolo.

  2. Looked at in more detail are finally think if Greek crosses motifs that seem to like that. Uyyyyy!. But I still have the original clear how much of that door there in terms of later additions and, plasters, stucco or whatever, and that
    era were made… who are covering the original stone.

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