The Mosque-Cathedral received 69.300 fewer visitors last year

A. R. VEGA. CORDOBA / Sunday , 31-01-10 / ABC
The "liturgy" of the crisis does not respect one of the places of worship for visitors to the city. The decline in travelers has been reflected in the Mosque-Cathedral during last year received 69.286 visitors less than in 2008, exercise in which already lost 33.000 tourists. As it is clear from the data provided by the Society of Economic Studies of Andalusia (failure), the main heritage of Córdoba and chained their second year drop in ticket sales.
More of 1,11 million visitors expanded outside their gates to the historic temple to admire its unique forest of columns over the past year. Remains, large distance from Medina Azahara, the Alcazar or the Synagogue, the most visited monument in the capital. So good, received a 5,8 percent fewer tourists than in the previous year, when he recorded 1,18 million. ( … + )

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