Interview with Gabriel Puig Rebollo, Mosque conservative Architect


What have you discovered in the Mosque?
This is a building made for 1.200 years old. We have to understand the building in all its complexity and keep. Do not start any page of history. Not to say: What if arrancáramos Christian Cathedral? Not: the building is all. As our lives: can not boot a part of our life. The most exciting of the building, more than its stylistic purity, he has lost, is the sort of men struggle against time.
Is that a losing battle?
The battle against time the man has lost forever. A thousand years who knows what will happen to this building. The building has shown that they can fight against time. And that is our mission. It is not to maintain a kind of mummy, but to keep it alive.
What puzzles remain to unravel?

Many. This will be best studied buildings. And then one says: will be a landmark building. For there: the more you know more puzzles has.

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