Erdogan visit the Mosque of Cordoba

Photo: The CountryNew scare Erdogan during his visit to the Mosque of Cordoba,es
A Turkish student sneaks and talk to the Prime Minister on privatization

MANUEL J. ALBERT – Cordova – 23/02/2010

The visit of Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, He ended yesterday in Cordoba. The politician, moderate Islamist, He visited the Mosque of Cordoba, ultimate example of Umayyad art in Al Andalus. As a guide had to Fernando Cruz Conde, member of the chapter of the Cathedral, since the Muslim temple is, from the Christian conquest of 1236, Christian Church. The delegation toured the various construction phases of the Mosque, from the start of Abderramán I, in the eighth century, a la de Mayo esplendor de Alhakem II, in the tenth century. As an exceptional gesture, the fence surrounding the mirahab (Muslim sacred center, located on the wall of the qibla, usually oriented to Mecca), opened for the Turkish president and his entourage could access it to admire the Byzantine mosaics donated by the emperor of Constantinople Istanbul -old- They are decorating the room. (…)

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