The experiment of Averroes in the Mosque as Victor Hugo

Notre Dame es una novela de Victor Hugo, written 1831 and composed of eleven books that focuses on the unhappy story of Esmeralda, a gypsy, and Quasimodo, a deaf hunchback, Paris in the fifteenth century. Its entirety-medieval setting, impossible love, marginalized characters, dramatic finale- make the work a model of literary themes of French Romanticism.

It, the author of the romance novel that also has great features fantastic, narra una bonita escena casi mágica, how Averroes buries a sunbeam (magma of the Philosopher's Stone) under a particular column of the Mosque.


The cell assembly also presented an aspect of ruin and abandonment; and the sad state of the vessels left to assume that as long distracted from their own work to other care.

One owner from both, Tilt the head, on an immense ornate manuscript of bizarre paintings, seemed worked for an idea that continuous mixing to his meditations; believed that at least to hear him exclaim Juan, with thoughtful flashes of delusional dreams aloud. Yes, Manou lo dice, Zoroaster taught and what! the sun is born from fire, sun moon; fire is the soul of the great all; extend their basic atoms and dripping endlessly about the world in endless streams! At the points where these currents intersect at the sky produce light; at the points of their intersection on earth, produce gold. -The light , gold! all the same! -Gold is not more than the specific state fire. – The difference in the visible to the palpable, than fluid to solid in the same substance, water vapor to the ice and nothing else.- These are not delusions – this is the general law of nature. - But what to do to start to science the secret of this general law? And what! light that floods my hand, is gold! those same atoms dilated in accordance to certain law, condense enough according to some other law, gold to become ! – What I do?- Some have had the idea of ​​burying a ray of sun- Averroes – yes, Arerroes fue – Averroes enterró uno debajo del primer pilar á la izquierda del santuario del Alcoran, in the Great Mosque of Córdoba; but you can not undermine the ground to see if the operation has come up here to eight thousand years well.

—Cáspita, said Juan each other, does not expect a little coat! ,

-Others have believed, Archdeacon continued brooding , I'd better do the operation on a ray of Sirius; but it is not easy to get you pure because of the simultaneous presence of other stars that mix his rays with him. Flamel believes that it is easiest to work on the ground fire. —Flamel! oh predestined name! Flame ¡ – It, fire.- Here's the secret.- The diamond is carbon , gold is on fire.- But how to extract? – Magistri ensures that there are certain names woman as sweet and charming as mysterious, it suffices to pronounce them during the operation…- Read what it says Manou: “Where women are served, divinities are content; where are despreciadas, it is useless to pray. — The mouth of a woman is always pure, is a running water, is a ray of sunshine. -The name of a woman must be nice, sweet, imaginary; end long vowels and resemble words of benediction!… Yes, Sage is right: indeed, Maria, Sofia, -Damn the Esmeral ...! Whenever this thought.
And he closed the book violently.

"Notre Dame"
Victor Hugo
Chapter 4
Page: 177

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