Wine consumption in the Cordoba Caliphate

Alcohol consumption has evolved throughout the Islamic period of Córdoba. The wine has been respected and consented in certain periods claiming the nobility of its consumption in a generous diet that invited the development of the arts, music and poetry, thus relaxing the doctrines of the prophet. In Córdoba, a very sweet Málaga wine was consumed, which was considered a paradisiacal drink..

On other occasions the wine has been pursued. Abderrahman II ordered the destruction of places of sale of wine and the "houses of perdition", ordering corporal punishment and exile those who infringe the rules.

It has also been cause for removal of princes and heirs, Almanzor and use it to obliterate the personality of the last Umayyad Caliph. An interesting work on the network shelled the details of wine consumption in Al-Andalus:

“The work presented here is a brief summary of the usability of the historiography of the Almohad and Nasrid period in the study of food, focused on the issue of religious dietary rules and Wine. This work is a continuation of that we produce in our memory Bachelor, but then confined to the late medieval Castilian chronicles. Given the demands of brevity Congress, limit in

I give you some hints about the type of information that these works contain and fundamental characteristics of the power that they can be removed. We leave for another place the examination of the previous era, development which in this note does not, and comparing the Castilian food codes and Hispano, issue which will be discussed in the next Week of Prato”. Read full article

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