The Palm Forest

Ssomething sometimes wander aimlessly through the city, my somewhat sedentary life makes frequent advisable to walk. During these trips I try to think of anything in the relevant, I look and I see the city and let this flow through me with its evocations. It relaxes me and ride for her because apart from the pages of my life are written on this "paper", Cordoba has all the conditions to be the city of the rides. Your planning nonorthogonal always offers alternatives to get from one point to another, so repeat rides hard.

Some days ago, when passing through the field of Martyrs found this picture that I put up and transported me to one of those "pages" of my childhood written in the city. Someone often guess, had filled the holes of this old orange palm tree with soil collected. I remember doing the same in the gardens of the Ducks, where I spent part of my childhood surrounded by palm trees. These cavities in their trunks corky, served as the backdrop for adventures where placed them soldaditos plastic that reads peseta bought al Sebi. Sometimes also served to hide some tesorrillo, sometimes also was missing when you went to the rescue. Ate the dates he threw to the ground, rough as hell, but with a flavor that even took on the palate.

Not sure if it for all this, or that we in the shield of the city, the palm tree is my favorite tree. I keep as a heraldic motto a beautiful phrase T. Gautier I found in "June" a booklet of poems by Pablo García Baena and that works for him to compose his poem "Casida”.

"The palm trees ... I think his shadow can not be unhappy."

T. Gautier

But those oranges stuck in the trunk of the palm, even took me to another memory from my childhood and other palm. From time to time my father liked the Saturday morning down to the Mosque and walk through it. We accompanied them and correteábamos between columns. There (there) a strange column that gave off a powerful smell of sulfur when rascabas with the edge of a coin. A dark column as a palm trunk, with the same cavities and the same wounds that show royal palms. It seems as if that column, knew of his condition trunk of a fabulous architectural and palm oasis, and slowly mutate into a real palm tree.


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