Córdoba op.232 n º 4. Isaac Albeniz. Rubinstein

Songs of Spain. On. 232. Cordova
It is a suite that contains some of the most famous works by and construed in Albéniz. Composed between 1888 and 1894, begins with the Prelude, included in the Spanish Suite by the name of Asturias. It is a Solea, that seeks to imitate guitar, with a range of accents that not only suggest dotted guitarist, but also the dancer's heels. It is a languid, passionate evocation cantejondo.
Under the palm tree, under the palm tree, habanera rhythms and uses the same introduction in Cuba in the Spanish Suite.
Cordova, is one of the best pieces he composed Albéniz. It begins with an introduction to reach a moving climax that precedes a sudden and brief repetition of the introduction. It concludes with a brief coda.

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