Capitals in the House Pilate Sevilla

Avispero Caliphate capitals in Seville

This weekend Cicero've been doing some French friends for Sevilla. Although the city has changed a lot since I left after five years of study in it, still remembered some walks and breathtaking places to sensitive souls. One is the Palace House Pilate, whose name comes to him through the curious story of a pilgrimage to Jerusalem I Marques de Tarifa.

Strolling between their yards I found two Cordovan evidence that we love to reflect here. In a pavilion near the Garden Chico where the sculpture collection is housed discovered these two capitals of nest that most likely belong to Medina Azahara, and I say discovered because they give you the guidance to get listed where pieces of the collection no reference is made to them.

Then in the Plaza de Spain, as, Córdoba bank dedicated to the scenes of "La Reconquista" that still unrestored.

Lots of rain and very cold ... for sightseeing.

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