Bigas Luna: From Picasso's Guernica Mosque

Andl Spain Pavilion at Expo Shanghai 2010 has three large rooms, with a budget of 16 million and an architectural design Studio Miralles-
Tagliabue, in China show a picture of idyllic Spain. The room 1 has been commissioned to Bigas Luna and with the title of “The Origins” displayed among other iconic buildings to the Mosque of Cordoba.

The story begins in the countryside, in almost total darkness, surrounded by an area of ​​cold, rough walls reminiscent of a cave. Fire, land and sea. It is primitive and atavistic, the soul of a country of powerful creative force. A flint stone brought specially from the Sierra de Atapuerca (cradle of the first Europeans) will represent the origin. Amid the roar of a ball of fire and a storm that represents that time immemorial, a forest of bones and forms a woman comes, a dancer who climb on a platform playing with those bones to boot a celebratory dance, one flamenco choreography cut will eventually teñida color red.
To Bigas Luna, the singular creativity of our country stems from these sources "breaks and tears". And art is the bridge between the ancestral and civilization. Cordoba Mosque to Picasso, filmmaker condenses an aesthetic and narrative project that participates as a filmmaker and as a painter. Huge tarps intervened for him in the garden of his home are part of the iconographic journey will end with two unmistakable symbols of our culture. In just six minutes the visitor will be permeated by our roots and our present and Bigas Luna's vision of our creativity and originality to be Spanish in a globalized world.

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