The Spanish Art Archive now available online

Spanish Art Archive has initiated the process of incorporating historical content in electronic format. Over the coming months, available, Full text and unrestricted access, all scientific papers and other papers published in the journal from 1925, año de su fundación como ‘Archivo Español de Arte y Arqueología’. Through this initiative, Archivo Español de Arte y el Departamento de Publicaciones del CSIC esperan contribuir al avance y difusión del conocimiento científico en todas sus facetas.

At this point you can check the content published during the period 2001-2005, can be found in many articles and studies on the Mosque of Cordoba. It is certainly great news that opens the doors of a documentary source of first order and that yesterday was restricted.


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  1. First go the recognition of Spanish Art Archive (AEA) and the Department of Publications of CSIC by spreading this news.

    The electronic edition of AEA data October 2007, when he appeared with content from 2006 and incorporating, naturally, all new production of the magazine since that date. As a result of the commitment of CSIC with the 'Open Access Initiative’ access to scientific knowledge, the electronic edition is free, except for an initial period of 6 months from the date of publication of the print edition, during which access to full text is restricted to subscribers of the printed version.

    During the year 2009 Publications Department of the CSIC has completed the digitization of all funds of the CSIC Magazines, both currently still active as others that ceased business. This being a daunting task since, what is the publication of that content in the current electronic version properly, taking into account issues such as accessibility, Indexing, dissemination and preservation. Even so, hope to do it as quickly as possible.

    As this occurs, Readers may be interested to know that since the contact address listed on the entry page Magazines CSIC, serve requests for items they wish to perform, both AEA and any other scientific journals we publish, free.


    Ramón B. Rodríguez
    Electronic Edition
    Publications Department, CSIC

  2. Extraordinary the decision of Spanish Art Archive, leaving free and accessible journals since its inception in 1925.
    Magnifico offering facilitate the contents are not yet available online.
    A big step for disseminating culture
    Thank you very much

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