Cordovan Umayyad Art at the Metropolitan Museum of New York

A beautiful Umayyad capital possibly Medina Azahara. It is in the Metropolitan Museum of New York. Fue donado by Theodore M. Davis 1930. It is of white marble and its dimensions are high: 38,8 cm. and width 34,3.

Well Jerome, this to open mouth. There is one thing that worries me, and I think we can build an excellent inventory, and is that once the little job done, come one sucker not copy and publish it on its merits. Same is what I say nonsense, but this city is full of crooks and cronófagos.

Here virtual museum tab:

But there is more to this museum. This ivory pot lid missing and as many other worldwide locations, can also come from Cordoba. The piece came to the museum in 1970.

Pyxis, century 10 (950-975); Caliphate
Spanish; Made in Andalucia

H. 4 5 / 8 inches (11,8 cm), Silent. 4 1 / 8 inches (10,6 cm). Cloisters Collection, 1970 (1970.234.5)

Pyxis is a cut of the cross section of an elephant tusk, is a well known form of ivories in the Mediterranean area. The lack of cover this example, as a domed under a finial at the top, likely to have had an inscription on it, maybe a date or the name of the owner of the piece. Used primarily in a secular context, in the Islamic world pyxides, called “ushnan” Arabic, containing aromatics such as musk, camphor and ambergris.

Museum Listing:

Plate cut-century caliphate X
Attributed to Cordoba, Spain
Ivory, quartz, pigments

H. 4 1 / 4 x 8 inches (10,8 x 20,3 cm). John Stewart Kennedy Fondo, 1913 (13.141)

Is panel, carved from a single piece of elephant ivory, Decorated once one side of a rectangular box. The complexity of the decoration, and attention to detail, as the eyes of humans and animals, that were drilled and filled with quartz stones demonstrates the improvement and the achievement of this object.

Listing museum

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  1. Very good Tabernero… I like what the “Imagined Museum”, although I think it should add about “cordovan” the “Cordoba” somewhere, order to understand what the issue monographic. But we, I like.
    As for your fear, that is founded. If I open my mouth… Surely when they see that there will be some that I know I will start to send interns to work. At any rate, the thing is more controlled than it looks: the pieces that we are all on the Internet, Visigoth pillar except I put in it the principle means Pijoan published in the '60s and then I posted I thank Dr information. Jopeck. If someone wanted to do this work in a decent way and not laugh at him or accuse him directly of fudge plagiarist would have to issue a survey of half the world's museums and travel there to check these parts, one by one… and wonder there some sucker to do that. That would make great, as Jose Maria Luzon, professor at the Complutense and was director of El Prado, and has a legion of scholars world by doing something like, but with pictures and documents, an unprecedented work is leading to a lot of theses. In the end, if we are honest, nothing is further from the possibilities (and desire) University this our Hodierna. And, not yet, There are some idiot who dares to use this collaborative bad, citizen and disinterested, I certainly take two newscasts to make a humiliating public ridicule as a letter to the newspaper.
    But you have to keep in mind that the important thing is to do. As I, hopefully some institution we “copy” the idea and organize a macro-exhibition… but that also see almost impossible, especially now. But if so, for truth, I would be proud. I think it would be the first citizen cultural initiative that is taken into consideration.

    • Awarded!
      Imagined Museum of Cordoba

      It is true that the data is on the Internet, but the network is a huge barn and the things we seek are small needles, not as easy as it may seem, is true that some are simple location, but others are authentic discoveries. Also, takes the same time dig inside archives and libraries to do it on the net.
      And you're right, what matters is the disclosure.

      • I, with your permission,I downloaded and images and information to a recent q folder in the folder I have “Calleja OF FLOWERS” (dnd small pearls literary treasure tod @ s tb(Porca last referiendo to D. Hodiernal, ejejej) and q have entitled “Calleja MUSEUM”, porq be here dnd we come to recreate with art.

  2. Dear Senate of Doctors:

    I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. The initiative is ten, 'Applause'. Go, tardesita confuses me one back by the Womad and lined with capitals Calleja nest and ivory pyxis. But perhaps the monograph should have a direct link in a distinct side of the page to give access to a page that had a catalog well structured and aesthetic 'ad hoc'. No sé simesplico. I do not know if that format is supported by Word Press. Or if appropriate.

    Also within this museum imagined could include those works in Córdoba were not plundered, but carried out on behalf of constituents from other latitudes. I'm remembering now the minbar of Marrakech Kutubia. The only allusion to Aste deserves a post on the Calleja. Who creates more qualified to do, upload it. If NO, upload it myself, itself in the looks bad, but take some time to do.

    • Mabuse, Save your article on the minbar or pulpit, I have already done it, I'll upload in a while you have. Te explain: a group of people among which is harazen and lola, took a while creating a documentary based on the Cordoba Mosque, a job at the moment is closed to the public because we are building it now.
      If it is good idea to somehow separate. I'll have to study it, for now I think I'm going to create a new button to the menu bar, is called “Special” where to locate this content, I'm also sure that more content will be able to share this specific main menu. Once the number is significant contributions, maybe we can separate it as a distinct supplement.

        • sisisis! I tb I can attest sniffers q-as we were disappointed. jejejee.

          Good, I can understand, suppose q q will have valuable information bt unable to show up complete with its corresponding armored rat copy right and true q parásitos.Pero, q “open sesame” not work. >:the]

    • Door Man! going to answer the endearing and beloved Dr. Mabusse and I find the tavern. Thus, first: malegro see you again around here, you are very formal you without leaving your home-blog, ejjeje. they miss your insights on these issues.

      and second: SIII! please! Mabusse, bring us this gift, no matter what q evenings, wait what q do lack.

      I do not furnishes nothing, but my eyes do not lose sight of the illustrious faculty of Doctors and Doctoras (q intuit porq,the usual, Lola y Zaytuna, Quiz tb Saqunda, know of this issue)and will let my admiration only change much (I marveled at the amount contributed so far.

      salus by t @ s

      • Lisi, thanks for the endearing, but what of 'beloved’ tas pasao three caliphates, seventeen five emirates and sultanates. I'm going to chuto with student accreditation. As you. Neither more nor less. And you're right, 'Cloister doctors and doctors', following the new wording of the Organic Law of Universities given by LO. 4/2007, of 12 April.

        Lisi, a greeting, Fellow!

  3. Gee !! Dr., well yes that you come with batteries of Womad this… What do you get there???? What you propose, if I have not misunderstood, is a kind of Virtual Museum of Art and Artists in the whole world Cordoba… is a lot of material, but maybe, just maybe, with the collaboration of many people, distributing everything in very specific sections… do not know… technically not understand whether it is feasible to put it here or require another page… but I love the idea: ALL ART AND CORDOBESES CORDOBÉS not in the museums of Cordoba. The above, Much Fabric. Will we be able? I, course, pondré I granite arena. It is a very nice project that might attract people.
    Hopefully the technical opinion.

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