Earthquake in Cordoba

Document No.. 142

944, night 2 to the 3 July.
Intense earthquake in Cordoba
“In this year 332 There was a violent earthquake in Cordoba, Candle in nine past Tuesday dú-l-Qa'da (= August 3 944); had never felt so strong and was heard of an intensity equal. It happened after the last prayer of the afternoon and lasted an hour. The people of Cordova tremendously scared and took refuge in the Mosque mosque, noisy directing invocations to God in heaven to ask this test to. Continued until the prayers were answered. On the morning after the earthquake there was a strong wind and followed him another. And started a lot of trees, olive, fig, palms and other trees and lots of leaves all fell. It was followed by torrential rain which flooded the earth and hail fell that killed large numbers of wild animals, birds and cattle, and destroyed the crops reached and likewise the effects were disastrous.”

Ibn ‘Idári Bayan II, pp. 211 Arabic text 349-50 translation and Fagnan.

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