Samuel Colman: the Hudson to the Guadalquivir

A la Direc.: Storm King on the Hudson. Samuel Colman, 1866; to the Right: Cordoba. Samuel Colman, 1866.

Year 1860. In full outbreak of the American Civil War, landscape painter, Natural Portland, Maine, and raised in New York in the first half of the nineteenth century, is conducting a tour of the picturesque Andalusian that time: Gibraltar, Seville, Cordoba Granada .... Your name, Samuel Colman (1832-1920), one of the most memorable representatives Hudson River School.

It was a journey of only three months, of warm and golden, that made its mark and made him move his subject from the unspoiled landscapes of the New World by the perfect combination of landscape and history offered by the Andalusia.

Cordoba. Samuel Colman, 1866.

During the next seven years in oil recreated what should be simple notes to naturally. In fact, its Cordoba is dated and in 1866 and it is possible that the conduct and in Paris, where he shared a studio with George Boughton.

The sources tell us that realized numerous cityscapes: one from the south of it, ments come the perspective of the old city with Mosque; others in which he recreated the old mills Moors (moorish)But ..., to you, dear reader, what you think about this one picture that we offer below:

Near Cordova, Spain. Samuel Colman, as. 1860-1870.
Near Cordova, Spain. Samuel Colman, as. 1860-1870.

I found, also, an article published in the New York Times de 31 March 1872, in which he realized that one Samuel Coleman inaugurated an exhibition of oils and watercolors made in his tour of Spain. It could well be our Colman this respect with the surname Col(and)man.

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