Rafael Garzon: a happy discovery

I remember Sacunda Calleja premiered in a interesting post about the photographer Rafael Garzón. Since then I have hanging in my head give the reply to the article, as it has always interested me figure This pioneer of photography in Andalusia. Natural vague as soy, one day I left the matter another, if you knew the amount of post I think and then do not write, not what you would believe.

Watch where this happy discovery will give me an excuse to make more of a granite to the illustrious history of this photographer. I am a fetishist and collector, we're going to do, It is a little defect that I have. When I walk in Cordoba, it's whenever I can, included in my route to one of the antique shops and second-hand dealers in the city that still offer their goods, and occasionally fortune smiles. Yesterday I visited one of them, after snooping on their dusty mountains of pots and papers, after a chat with him and when I was about to leave, I noticed a lot of pictures and magazines were on a chair, the bumble awhile to find at the bottom containing an old picture frame that I show. Agree with your dealer and I did with her for a small fee. I also take a handful of postcards and Garzón Señán, of all known, but which I was excited to have the original.

The photograph in question is made to order, trompe l'oeil is the mosque that was in the street Triunfo 127. It is from the early twentieth century by what just fulfill a century, its total size is 28×34 cm, is a photograph albumen paper pasted on cardboard on the letterhead of the photographer who was of the Royal House. It is certainly unique and very interesting document of the history of photography in Córdoba, but also is doubly interesting because the picture is illuminated by very skilled hands, I think it is the photographer himself. I put a detail that I aprecéis quality colored, that makes the photo look like a painting. I'm quite happy for the discovery and you can enjoy it on the walls of my humble cabinet pictures.

And to complete this article I offer you this picture I took back in 1980 of the houses where these photographers worked in Córdoba, You can see that the study still has the label Señán and exhibitors photo entry. No activity remained even if photography business. The photo is taken and revealed darkroom for me.

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  1. Ahhh envy! Would it not be in the position of the slider next to the drugstore…? There always have typical Señán postal boxes and sixties type deer bambi. Lucky find something interesting. Congratulations I know how it feels.

  2. AH! I forgot to mention that analyzing in depth photo and magnifier, I discovered a hair embedded in the paint Stock Photo. So I think I've also become the owner of the DNA of the author photo. That will be for a coming millennium anyone can reproduce clone him and to tell us how it was that a Cathedral. 🙂

  3. When you run into a watercolor depicting the Plaza del Triunfo I could not resist to compare it with yours, Publican. The author, el londinense Robert Tyndall, illustrator, for example, works of Enid Blyton and many other. The work was titled Bus Stop, Cordoba. Another traveler more to the collection.

    Robert Tyndall. Bus Stop, Cordoba.

  4. The drawing that you do not find, Mabuse, is that there.
    Look at the back of this card. Photographer Rafael Garzón was installed in the old house on the corner and when the business did well built these houses. It would be interesting to know the exact year.

    • I gather you must be a great advance for your time, since the opening of languages ​​is something extremely difficult in this city, and gachó already did this in the Time of catapum, what we should suggest that the city was already tour then and that the invention is not pernotasiones our revered tourist promoters.

  5. I found some of the photographers Señán and Garzón; apparently were partners but legally separated the 31 January 1904. Copy:

    “After breaking, Señán opened a new studio in Granada: The Great Mosque of Boabdil Street Alhambra 45 export business and decides to Cordoba Plaza del Triunfo 129. Meanwhile Garzón plus open study on the same street Alhambra 14 install branch of his gallery in Sevilla, Street Méndez Núñez 5 in our city and the Caliph's house in the Plaza del Triunfo 127 on this business next to his former partner”

    Later I find the following:

    “The Cordovan study Garzón is even today, like the gallery Señán, well known in the city kept the caliphate building modern decor next to the Mosque, houses more than a tourist still take today by contemporaries of the Umayyad temple”

    The book from which this information includes a photo studio to Señán 1900 Photography and other studies to Garzón and Señán 1920; in this second picture you can see a ladder and what may be a rudimentary scaffolding work, so we almost have the year of construction.

    Finally add that the film has left for posterity these houses here:

    Photography studio Señán

  6. I forgot the title and author of book:

    “The mosque silver” Jesús Antonio González Pérez.

    Certainly, I also love to go down to the spool and walk about portals sellers of old stuff (not forgive the call antiques). When I had Saturday market would sneak through the stalls of Gypsies and see them and hear them talk about everything and shout their wares. In opposite to the arches of the square corners there are two places to find interesting things; I bought there one tube radio by Telefunken 8000 ptas. it still works and I switch from time to time just to hear and see the glow of the valves.

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