Let me presume to friends

From left to right: Francisco Jarauta, Nacho Created, Antonio Povedano, myself, the anthropologist and philosopher Marc Augé and my partner and friend Esteban Ruiz yet.
From left to right: Francisco Jarauta, Nacho Created, Antonio Povedano (q.p.d.), myself, the anthropologist and philosopher Marc Augé and my partner and friend Esteban Ruiz yet.


Today you're going to allow me to take leave boast friend. Well not every day that a friend has one in the same year he received the National Arts Award, days after receiving from the King in Santander Gold Medal of Fine Arts. A doublet is not available to everyone and Nacho Created has been achieved in 2009.

We were fortunate, the success and privilege to have him for plastic workshop OPENart Zaragoza 2006. The excellence of his work and the simplicity of their friendship, We did have him back for Contemporary Art Workshops Cordoba the following year 2007. In that event corresponds disappeared this photograph taken in the beautiful courtyard of the Casa Gongora and so deeply in love with Francisco Jarauta.

Image 20
Nacho Created, Joana Bastos and sculptor Fernando Sinaga

Nacho Criado are a total artist, from head to toe and that makes insurance, a person essentially Good. His generosity to the workshop participants, opening wide to who could see, has written a very interesting trace their own paths. Passionate conversationalist, tireless, experienced and highly intelligent strongly attracted me from the first moment of meeting. From my tiny intellectual stature, hit me like a fly to any conversation where I can learn something. Learning is my eternal goal, but I like it teaches me, I always prefer the conversation. A good conversation is to me what other football or bulls. Nacho stalled us to my partner and me immediately, and gave us their knowledge in a generous, we can now be friends preciarnos this great person. Let me presume.

The last time we met in person was last year in Madrid. We fled from ARCO when the Carrera de San Jerónimo saw him climb absorbed and distracted in his ideas. I got in his path and collided waited for me. From ahí, all plans are disrupted; their food and ours. We checked the “Consulate Jerez” a nearby Andalusian tavern, famous for its large hearth. Nacho loves Andalusia and not tell you the passion for Córdoba. There, between wines and sausages talked for over three hours and I assure you that could have been ten not having the time train sets. And it is much Nacho Nacho Criado, let me presume.

Congratulations friend.


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  1. Dear friends, would like to invite the days 30 and 31 January next, the open days to celebrate in my workshop . This will be open to all those who want pasaros and see my latest work. It will be a good time to talk and drink wine together.
    For that you have children, in the preocupéis, be a space so that they too can paint.
    I hope!
    I link to my new blog http://estebanruiz.wordpress.com/ although still in construction period you can find in an important part of the work I've been developing over the last fifteen years.
    Esteban Ruiz

    Shop location: Station Road - Crossing Cuatro Caminos (The Tavern and Casa Luis). Turn right - Park May 1 behind the barracks of the Civil Guard, front of the nursery "Kangaroos" - down to the black gate .

    Center for Cultural Initiatives Workshop and street view (Where is the white car)

    Saturday: 30 from 11.00 h to 14.00 h (We will join in raising corquetas House Luis) from 17,00 h a20, 00h
    Sunday: 31 from 11.00 h a15, 00h

    My address para@estebanruiz.com
    phones 649717442 the 957635009

    Greetings to all.

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