Olifante ivory-Fundación Lázaro Galdiano (Madrid)

Description cataloging

Give this copy decoration animals between roleos, but type less "classic" than usual. They are crudely drawn animals but with great imagination to present a new typology: Eagles and Lions, mermaids and bears, birds that resemble "dinosaurs" for their thick tails, taps and strange birds. There are two chests, both bone, repeat similar themes and similar treatment (10006, 10007). One in the Museum of Applied Arts in Berlin, belonged to Prince Leopold of Prussia, candidate was the throne of Spain after the fall of Isabel II, the other is in the National Archaeological Museum (52098), where it is not displayed, although it was presented at the Barcelona Exhibition, 1929, as "work of Romanesque art" (nº 2222 of that sample). Offer him a photograph. This specimen is atypical for its faded color both, little akin to the other copies, and a decor. Certainly the reasons come to be the same for the prototype amalfitanos oliphaunts (animals roleos), but neither the network nor collects its figures are equivalent. The number of animals selected above allow get a feel for these essential differences. Among them are habitual beings in Islamic representations: taps, Greek harpies or sirens, lions, cheetahs and even hunting dogs. Others like the eagle are not so, although not missing. The carving is deeper than amalfitanas despite weak thickness Fang, deformed and something that appears to be of a young elephant, possibly Asian. DOMINGUEZ perela, in his article cited, seems to point to a workshop uncertain situation and a very late chronology, s. XIII-XIV podria to be considered part. No share, in return, its view assimilating model of this decoration to the Hispanic ivories califales. For my part I incline to the production suritálica with respect to bone boxes aforesaid, but I can not fully participate in the same idea about this copy, it would be necessary to wait for a time to search for laboratory assessment approximated. Anyway, the oliphaunts dated to the thirteenth or fourteenth century have very little or no decoration. Byzantine or Egyptian specimens are clearly differentiated. In any case, a resemblance in the pattern of the specimen before us could be called the St. Hubert olifante Crozatier Museum of Puy en Velay (nº1433),11031, suritálico considered late s.XI, though some boxes assimilated to Germanic s bone. XIII. (Angel Galán y Galindo of Islam in Medieval Ivories)

Old Inventory

The Olifants Cuerno hunting in ivory decorated in relief, into three zones: one toward the mouth, shared in squares within each of which are quadruped or eagles, alternating; other, Wide, linked in a triangular pattern with circles ranging harpies, birds and quadrupeds; and other, towards the mouth, circles of strings of beads with quadrupeds and birds. Rope length, 450 mm. (CAMPS CAZORLA, Emilio 1949-1950) .

Museum Listing

Stock No.: 2577
Author: (?)
Title: Oliphant.
Chronology: X III- XIV ?
School: Cordovan (?) / Spanish (?)
Place of production: Cordova (?) / Spain (?)
Material: Ivory.
Technique: Size
Dimensions: 45 cm.
Location: CABINET, Showcase 21.4

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  1. When you download the piece I had in mind only the production site and the school. At worst it is not right but that's what the experts and if they think should not be included for that reason is removed and you're. Thanks.

  2. The place of production makes it originated in Córdoba, I think it is correct to include.
    Would you book caught me nooo pillín?

    • No Tabernero, are from the website of the Fundación Lázaro Galdiano. Possibly many years more than twenty, I visited the Museo Lázaro Galdiano, and was one of the museums that struck me most, It is an impressive array, and therein may lie its appeal. The search for these objects in your database that moment reminded me. The site was a caseron Calle Serrano where the private collection of exhibits D. José Lázaro galdiano(Siglo XIX-XX), writer and publicist who left when I came, the year of the explosion of Cádiz, and that killed the matador Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez. And I recommend to anyone with a bit of place you visit. On the other hand if I have a wonderful book which is available to the you need- ivories but where, among many, Figure extensive work on the casket of Abdamelic 1004 -detailed elsewhere in this virtually Museum, it says it is still in the Treasury of the Cathedral of Pamplona. The text says that the manhole was stolen in 1935, in August, and then appeared in a hidden or thrown brambles Barrioplano, village near Pamplona, y un tal Ángel Insausti, and he found “hastened” to return it to the Treasury. I will try to summarize work Arqueta these data it, that there may be some interesting. Then fotografis -pity that are in black and white- There is another chest without inscription is in London (South Kensington) Victoria and Albert Museum dates 1004/1005 I'll try to upload.

  3. Beautiful engravings, but I pity the sean on ivory, it is something that should never have to use as jewelry item for the tragedy of the elephants from which. In this case because it is a gem from the past, but I hope that ivory is a material that does not sue anywhere so stop killing these amazing animals.

    Take this opportunity to give you my congratulations for all the parts you uploaded Paco, nice collection.

    • Thanks Lysis

      Me too I'm sad, but since the world began and until it ceases to be, the top predator of it will remain, and much more painful is when criminal and preys on its own kind. Unfortunately the samples have daily, and little we can do about it. Proptestar, go out, which we never hear, although we oigan-. Examples nearby, the wars in Iraq and Gaza killings, on which still, -Les must remain lit to shame- maintaining positions that the main ready-more- have abndonado already trying to justify the unjustifiable, timid and even outlining apologies, but these fools almost cleft lip, still maintain a mindless cutting back, that deifies. I mean he has nothing to recommend what to drink and not to drink, when driving car, and that blue shirt and black tie made, in college, campaign against the Constitution 78 and is now the largest constitutional history, besides useless. This has nothing to do with the elephant theme but using the Guadalquivir passes through our land… need not be always the Pisuerga.

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