Andalusian Numismatics

Andalusian coin collection online
Among the collections that preserves the Numismatic Cabinet of the National Archaeological Museum, the coins minted in al-Andalus-geopolitical concept that encompasses the peninsula and North under Muslim authority- constitute one of the most important series, as, for nearly eight centuries, Andalusian kingdoms different gold coins minted, Large silver and bronze archaeological and numismatic.
Andalusian currency funds of the Museum reach a figure close to the 17.000 parts and include emissions from the period of conquest until the last Moorish kingdom of Granada. With this online project aims to value this important set, in order to promote knowledge and research in the field of Islamic medieval coin. We present here the results of the first phase, in which have been computerized and digitized total 502 exceptional pieces from the Hispano coin collection Escudero Antonio Vives and sold to National Archaeological Museum 1895. This code will be enriched in the future with the subsequent incorporation of new materials, until complete networking of the total collection.

The search can do for mints and issuers and other criteria. for example: you can find the coins minted by the Mint and issued by Azahara deMedina Rahman III.


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