The mosaics of the Mosque of Cordoba

Mihrab of the Mosque of Cordoba

Andste book published by Henri Stern in 1971 is an interesting study (French is) on the mosaics that decorate the Mihrab of the Mosque of Cordoba. Beginning with a description of them in the dome and the wall in front of the mihrab, us into the origin of these techniques used and a description of the same.

Contains illustrations and pictures of high quality.

Mosaiques the Grande mosqueé of Cordoue

This digital book is available in part on Google Books
Mosaiques the mosqueé Cordoue
Written by Henri Stern, Jiménez Manuel Ocaña, Dorothea Duda

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  1. Book, which is certainly a gem, has been traced for us in the Library. I bought it because it was not very expensive, if neither exhausted, it would be possible.
    In Andalusia there is only one copy, so Manuel made arrangements and brought in Seville. In a somewhat clandestine photographed it, especially outside sources and notes and all the article including Manuel Ocaña. I'll see in a while to do what it has done with the magazine Bruno, tengáis to access it.

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