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Elbow in Arab historiography of the Great Mosque of Cordoba. Contribution to the study of the monument, Madrid.

Hernández Giménez, F. (1961):

The minaret of Abd al-Rahman III in the great mosque of Cordoba. Genesis and impact. Granada. PAG.

Hernández Giménez, F. (1961):

“The Mosque of Cordoba”, Proceedings First Conference of Islamic culture, “Al-Andalus, eight centuries of history”, Toledo, 1987, 104-117.

Ewert, C. (1989):

Early Mosques of Al-Andalus by the Arabic sources (92/711 – 170/785).

Susana chapel Clavo

Al-Andalus: Society and institutions
Joaquín Vallvé Bermejo, Joaquín Vallvé – 1999 – 377 pages

The Hispano art
Written by Antonio E. Momplet Míguez. Edition: illustrated
Posted by Meeting, 2004. ISBN 8474907152, 9788474907155. 478 pages

Cities of caravans: Itineraries of ancient architecture in Mauritania
Written by José Corral, José Corral Jam
Edition: illustrated. Posted by The Andalusian heritage Foundation, 2000
ISBN 8493061549, 9788493061548. 393 pages

Especially interesting, this book delves into the color and shapes of the mural in old Mauritanian cities. Establishes a direct relationship with the arts and techniques of the builders of the Mosque of Cordoba

Route of the Caliphate. A historic and monumental journey from Cordoba to Granada
Written by Various
Contributor Julia Saiz-Pardo de Benito, María Dolores Baena
Posted by The Andalusian heritage Foundation, 2005
ISBN 8496395022, 9788496395022. 620 pages

Interesting guide with descriptions of Cordoba museums and an extensive chapter on the romantic travelers and city.

II International Congress City in al-Andalus and the Maghreb: Proceedings
Written by Algeciras (Spain). HE. Town hall, Andalusian Legacy, The Andalusian Legacy Foundation
Posted by The Andalusian heritage Foundation, 2002
ISBN 8493205176, 9788493205171 710 pages

There is a good job on the Andalusian garden and an interesting and extensive work Mansur the palace city on.

Cultural Itinerary Almoravids and Almohads: Maghreb and the Iberian Peninsula
Written by Jerónimo López Páez, Andalusian Legacy, Hamid Triki, The Andalusian Legacy Foundation

Edition: illustrated. Posted by The Andalusian heritage Foundation, 1999
ISBN 8493061506, 9788493061500. 515 pages

The lost cities of Mauritania: Expedition to the cradle of the Almoravid
Written by Pastor Mauricio Muñoz, Manuel Villar Raso, Andalusian Legacy. Francisco Carrión Contributor
Posted by The Andalusian heritage Foundation, 1996
ISBN 8489016232, 9788489016231. 220 pages
Includes a glossary of Arabic terms

Studies of Arabo-Hispanic Numismatics: Regarded as historical proof of Islamic domination of the Peninsula
Written by Antonio Delgado Hernández, Antonio Delgado, Canto Alberto García, Hafiz ibn Ibrahim Tawfiq. Collaborator: But. Kings Polo Esparcia, Paula Grañeda Miñón, Fatima Martin Escudero
Edition: illustrated.Publicado by Royal Academy of History, 2001
ISBN 8489512892, 9788489512894 487 pages

It contains many interesting facts and exact dates of entry and exit of caliphs of power.

The mosaics of the Great Mosque of Cordoba Madrid research
Written by Henri Stern, Jiménez Manuel Ocaña, Dorothea Duda
This interesting book focuses on the mosaics of the mihrab. It contains a fine collection of prints and photographs of the.

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