The larch beams incorruptible Mosque


Thea larch African, medium-sized tree that was introduced from Africa and appears in the wild in Southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, has traditionally been highly valued for joinery and marquetry work, because it is considered resists rot and fungal attack.
La resina del alerce contiene compuestos químicos como la Trementina, essential oil or laricínico acid, and is a substance which is not terribly bitter taste of insects and fungi. En la América austral existe otra variedad de alerce, very slow growth, that grow to more than 3.000 years of life.
This was the type of wood that the Arabs chose to build the temple roofs, Christians also manufactured their extensions with the same wood. In 1713 Mosque roofs are removed and replaced by vaults Hurdle,es, many of the beams were then sold to craftsmen and instrument makers, which was much appreciated. The rest, after many vicissitudes and looting, can be exposed today in the galleries of Patio de los Naranjos.


"The roof of the whole Church, being carved wood and painted in various ways and, has an incredible wealth, Anger as understood in the following. Wood is all larch, and is as pine, very fragrant more, only what is in Muscovy, and from there by sea is truxo. And the times I have knocked some of the church for new buildings has earned many thousands of ducats stripping timber, to make harps and other delicate things. "

Ambrosio de Morales 1577


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