The Córdoba imagined Vasily Polenov

There is no record Vasily Polenov (1844-1927), prominent Russian painter the horse between him nineteenth and twentieth acronym, It was sometime in Cordoba. However, invoking some idealized image of the city, rather it should relate to the stereotypical image of eastern Andalusia, did this watercolor presented on this occasion entitled precisely Cordova.

Cordova. Sketch for the scenery, 1883. The Theater Museum of A. A. Bakhrushin, Moscow.
Cordova. Sketch for the scenery, 1883. The Theater Museum of A. A. Bakhrushin, Moscow.

Scattered biographical data indicate that the network was a great traveler, happening in the seventies by Italy, Germany and France, and subsequently, for Middle East, where I got the inspiration for his most famous works, those devoted to biblical passages. However, the importance of our author is given as the first Russian painter who, in the wake of pioneering authors such as Turner, prácticó en su Rusia natal la pintura a plain air.

He was also a composer of operas and decorator operatic and theatrical performances. It is this aspect which leads us to conjecture that this watercolor, preserved precisely the Theatre Museum in Moscow Bakhrushin, could be a preparatory sketch for a stage background to mark the staging of a work (opera theater) Spanish-themed.

Anyway, consider very important this instantiation of Córdoba imagined at the hands of an important Russian painter.

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  1. Not specifically Vela Tower, but if the slope of the Alhambra Darro, and what is displayed at the bottom seems the Generalife. Although funds left do not match the area in question.

    What is certain is that this watercolor that Sr. Russian is certainly not of Córdoba.

  2. Well I did not read the Russian, and I thought that I say “spasiba” and “dossitania” was close. That disappointment.

  3. I see it as clear nor tower nor Vela view of the Alhambra from the Paseo de los Tristes. And it is forced to imagine the Generalife background. Actually I do not think it's any particular site. What is clear is that it was inspired by the engravings could see about Granada, but freely recreated. Corresponds to an abstract and general image of perfect Andalusian (Spanish) of the time. And the owner could Córdoba, Segovia or Chinchilla, but it would be extraordinary to know why I titled with the name of our city, what piece of theater was the setting.

  4. You're right Dr. you can not specify that in no way, is Sr. have a rough idea of ​​Granada, painted something, and then put Córdoba, and is not like anything we know of course Córdoba.

  5. And what, How did it go with the reading in Russian? (jojojo) This keeps getting more complicated. It will be good to have on hand the phone to the Russian embassy, case…

    • I've enreao a bit with this letter “same”, but well, all understood briefly. If you call the embassy you pass me, I already cleared and if I drew with messages such as or what, jeejejej

  6. People, he tried to look back on and know whether he given something. As long as you put do not know if this is also already in the collection. In the Museum's Costume some stuff. Valoradlas and, if that, that up someone with more experience in the MIC.

    • Return the link or another that does not end, because look what happens:

      “Session has expired, reconnect. Sorry for the inconvenience.
      © Ministry of Culture”

  7. Very typical of the Romantic era. Not, I am sure that this man has never been to Andalusia, It is more, nor in Spain. You have probably known the history of the city, It has been recorded from the time (as dice Dr.Mabuse) he has been the inspiration, and has its own landscape romantically imagined. Even so, I like. Spassiva.

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