Abbás Ibn Firnás, (820about. – 888). History of Genius

Abbas Ibn Firnas


Abbas Ibn Firnas nation in Korah Takrna, a village near Round (Malaga) in approximately 820. Its origin was Berber. He studied chemistry, physics and astronomy. Córdoba in those years was the capital Baghdad with science and culture, promoted from their own institutions califales. Trabajó Firnás al servicio de los emires Abd al-Rahman II y Mohammed I. Cordova, as capital Al-Andalus, atraía y aglutinaba a many thinkers, philosophers, artists and scientific, that were in the city and an environment protection for the development of its activities. Man of extraordinary culture, covered almost all disciplines, in creative writing, in scientific research, in astrology and alchemy, disciplines that unlike today, in those days were closely linked. He was well versed in letters, cultivating the genre adab covering the most diverse knowledge, in which historical anecdotes abounded, games, stories, etc.. And as Elijah Terés, was one of the greatest men of sagacity and penetration to grasp the subtle concepts and the secrets of fine arts (Az-Zubaydî); knew well the art of music, played the lute and sang it on him; was wise philosopher, poet mufliq, expert teacher in the science of astrology; had great physical prowess and excelled in games more complicated sleight.

He came to Córdoba to teach music, was then considered a branch of theoretical mathematics.

He died in the year 888 AD.


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