Robert David Gauley. Fountain in Cordoba, 1895

Fountain in Cordoba. Robert David Gauley
Fountain in Cordoba. Robert David Gauley

A new chapter on nineteenth-century travelers. A new picture of that finisecular Córdoba. A virtually unknown painter, than we can follow in his footsteps but just through catalogs of exhibitions: Robert David Gauley.

We only have small biographical snippets of the author. Thanks to one of those catalogs we know who is 1875 in the small town of Ballylag, Ireland, and like many of his countrymen should be forced to emigrate soon after birth guided by the american dream, since all short reviews mark him as an American painter (North, obviously).

Of his life, bit. He was a pupil of the painter, collector and art teacher Denman Ross, which we know more: to have input on wikipedia. At twenty he had to make a first trip to Europe, since in 1895 I was in Córdoba and 1896 en Roma, which is witnessed by the paintings he did in those days.

Fountain, Rome. Robert David Gauley
Fountain, Rome. Robert David Gauley

Cordoba made at least two. A first, which leads to our entry, and a second, qualified Cordova, that should be hidden in the dungeons of a gallery or collector because it has been impossible to access it.

Our author died in 1943.

Something like a catalog of his works

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  1. No doubt the first is a fountain in the courtyard of the Mosque. In the background can be the conduit of the source of the olive and the start of the tower is also seen.

  2. This is, clearly, Patio de los Naranjos, view from the east side, Paco Muñoz says, although with a center pipe abit (o no, do not know if at that time the mountain runoff that feeds was higher). The second part of the city of Rome, Paco, and whether, It looks like the gardens of Agriculture, but only looks: it is not. But who cares.

  3. joerr!! Ben-Saprut, you're being a good review by the MIC.
    A'm liking you… because you know, you can also upload your findings, you'll see that sencillito is.

  4. I think like you Taberbero. I have the impression that Ben-Saprut (Hasdai ibn the Shaprut) knows that things are going, we must recognize that “In his youth, Hasdai learned Hebrew, Arabic and Latin, Language latter that time was known only in Spain by top Christian Church hierarchy and that the learned in Córdoba. Also dominated the romance, incipient Castilian. He also studied medicine, and was fame he had discovered a universal remedy or panacea, call “Al-Farouq”, a kind of antidote to the poison, according to some authors. He was a doctor of the caliph Abd al-Rahman III (912-961) Thanks to its qualities became one of his chief advisers, charges continued with his son, Caliph Al-Hakam II. Although never receive the official title of vizier, exerted similar to those of a current foreign affairs minister overseeing functions and customs in the port of Córdoba. In fact he held the position of “us”, a kind of “principality” as head of the Jewish communities of al-Andalus.” (Submit)

    ie who is an authority on the subject, Ben-profit Saprut.

  5. No me abruméis. I'm just a forty mirante who likes the subject and tells what he knows, it is neither little nor so much as the true ben-Saprut (whom I admire). I like the site and your opinions and try to review, that's it. Do not turn more laps.

    Publican: I am certainly anything but healing (of any religion)

    Puerta Osario: Yes (what you read, Right?)

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