Ibn Abbas's inventions Firnás


Planetarium and Water Watch.

Abbas ibn Firnas, geniuses who came forward Italian Renaissance six hundred years before, home built in the first planetarium in History. It was a room in which were represented the constellations, the stars and weather phenomena. There are very few reviews on this planet introduced in the mechanisms by which the visitor was startled by the appearance of clouds, lightning and thunder within the four walls of the room.

Using his knowledge of astrology constructed, using an original technique, a water clock called clepsidra equipped with mobile robots that could find the time in the days and cloudy nights. It was first used in the entire Iberian Peninsula astronomical tables Sinhind, of Indian origin, which later would be basic in the development of European science. He built the first esfera armilar European; were used for calculations and astronomical observations approximate, guiding instrument circles in the plane of the celestial circles.
For centuries people had used the stars and the moon as a clock, to find during the day and night. The Greeks developed the water clock, used for nighttime hours. Firnás, was engineer in Florence, before venir Cordova, made of an anaphoric clock, constant flow of water clocks and other devices that allowed him to build a machine called Minqana pointing time with high accuracy. This machine had several scales, each responsible for a particular movement, with a valve opening and closing the liquid passage of the engine to each.


Ibn Firnas was a pioneer of the importance it has had in Andalucia glass processing, and invented a formula to manufacture crystal from mineral components, carrying out its manufacturing purpose-built ovens to do in Cordoba. It was also the first to develop the art of carving rock crystal;

The result of the import to the Peninsula Art size quartz crystal-known centuries earlier- and disclosure was a flourishing industry that exemplify the chess figures carved into the tenth and eleventh centuries.


Abbas Ibn Firnas was the first scholar who deciphered Al-Andalus Arabic prosody the treaty of the famous philosopher Khalil b. Ahmad discusses why and formally represents those elements of oral expression, such as accent, tones and intonation.





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