Eugène Delacroix also drew Cordoba

Eugene Delacroix is not only romantic and orientalist painter par excellence, It is also considered the initiator travel notebooks. This French painter, great among greats, traveled to Spain and North Áfricaen 1832, as part of a diplomatic mission to Morocco shortly after the French conquest of Algeria. He left to escape the life of Parisian society axfisiante, with the hope of seeing a more primitive culture. Product of the trip over 100 paintings and drawings of scenes of life and the peoples of North Africa, added a new personal chapter and possibly the most interesting to the Orientalist movement so fashionable in Europe in the nineteenth.
But apart from this trip served as inspiration for his next paintings, Delacroix always carries a notebook to draw what it finds in its path, taking watercolor color data. These books are published and can be purchased at very cared editions, I have not seen yet, but the titles of books published, that make no mention of Spain, I suspect that some were able to mislead. The truth is that the Museo de Bonnat gag retains some loose drawings from his time in Spain, that may well be the single sheets Travelogue Delacroix.
One is a quick drawing of a cruise Cordoba church (written so runs his own handwriting) which I believe the shape corresponding to the Church of the Company, for I have not come up with one that looks like the drawing, Clearly this point I leave for you to discuss.
The other drawing is an olive tree, which may or may not be in the Cordovan countryside, but it made no speculate why, truth?

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  1. I'm wrong in itself, I q are watercolors, not?

    very interesting in any case. The first is a church or cathedral altar area mosque mosque before?

  2. Congratulations, Publican, for bringing us these wonderful travel books. They have an aesthetic that, for my taste, is almost insurmountable. Notice how will that, as you know, now being edited in Europe and, even, some travel guides (as for example in the case of Rome) are well… Congratulations again, the input and label (Do you say so?) you put this at the top.

    Take this opportunity to let you know that might be nice to add temporary tags or categories, other, as INFLUENCES, and some other more that will be happening, to differentiate as much as possible, as this is taking a significant amount. Good, we talked about.

  3. Well if you like travel books, delves into the profile of this Cordovan architect, I only know of his work, drawing lover and always traveling and walking a moleskine and a box of pencils. Definitely a suitable person to develop a style guide that Cordoba.

  4. Ah! Manuel Garces Know him personally, It is a very honest and gifted artist from a very wise naivete, I have a little picture decorating my own living. I like his work particularly hard his last works Cityscapes. The last show I did in the Chapter room was very interesting.

  5. company

    I think law is placed around the photo of the Church of the Compania you have in your flicrk, publican, to consider as you told me to walk, q could be served Delacroix to paint the first watercolor show us on his journey through Córdoba. I think the photo you've done has captured the same color range as the day that the artist painted as compared watercolor and photo.

    The same thought had you upload, but as I see q pass post and is not, I allowed the license with your permission.

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