The Origin of the Mosque of Córdoba across the Arab sources

Ibn 'idaries the dice that “In 170 AH Amir Abdurrahman sent lay the foundations of the mosque in the capital of Qurtuba, and had in place a church and it spent one hundred thousand talents.” And also that:
“Abd al-Rahman al-Dakhil began the demolition of the church and the building of the mosque in the year 169 of the Hegira. Its construction, once completed their ships (Start) and closed walls, Year ended 170 of the Hegira [=786-787] and all completed in the space of a year.”
(Ibn 'Feature, Choose II, pp. 229 and 230 Arabic text and p. 378 Translation of Fagnan)

“By conquering Muslim al-Andalus were adjusted their behavior to what they did in Syria Abu’ Ubayda Yarrah y ben al-Walid ben Jalid, with the approval of the Commander of the Faithful 'Umar, when Christians expropriated rendered by capitulation half of all they possessed as church, for example, Church of Damascus and other. Similarly, Muslims Christians expropriated half of the cathedral that was inside the medina Qurtuba, under the wall, and they called Shant Binyant, And they built in that half a congregational mosque, the other half being held by Christians, to which they were demolished the remaining churches in the capital of Córdoba.
Muslims with what had contented, until it increased its number, Qurtuba increased population and has settled into her Arab princes; that mosque then found it insufficient and turned to hang in her gallery after gallery where they were head down, until people supposed to drudgery enter the Grand Mosque because of the contiguity, inadequate doors and under the vaulted ceiling of those tribunes, because it was so close to the floor that it was impossible for most stand.
It did not change this situation until 'Abd al-Rahman al-Marwanid ben Mu'awiya entered al-Andalus, took over his empire and lived in Qurtuba, seat of government, which acquired him manners and customs of the big cities. He became interested in the issue of the mosque, taking care to widen and improve construction. Summoned to his presence the main Christian and demanded they sell the part of the church had, stuck to the mosque, to incorporate into this, therefore remunerándoles splendidly, in fulfillment of the covenant by which they had capitulated.
At first they refused to sell their possessions, but rather encouraged ceded, asking they be allowed the rebuilding of those churches outside the medina that had been demolished them, after which they let the Muslims half claimed that they. Thus ended the matter in 168.”
(Al-Maqqari, Analectes 1, 368, translation, M. Ocaña Jiménez, Al-Andalus )

“Allah the restituted. And the measure of its size, as what was counted in its history.
The Lord said of historians, al-Razi, May Allah forgive him!: He spoke of Utba Ibn 'Ubayd Allah al-Zahrawi which in turn took its sheikhs. The site now occupied by the mosque was a deep moat Qurtuba Cordoba where throwing garbage, dead animals and carrion. And when he came Suleiman Ibn Daud - For them peace!- the country of al-Andalus, Qurtuba passed and settled in front of her, saw that ditch and examined. Then I told the yunnun: 'Place taponad, nivelaremos it and build on it a temple where l'glorify Allah Ali '. And executed the yunnun ordered them what Allah sent Suleiman. And when they finished leveling ordered them to build a temple, and they did. And it ordered that the temple should inhabit the banu israil and placed in it the rules of the Torah and the Psalms. And so they stayed until saiddyna Allah sent 'Isa Upon him be peace! and Christianity spread and the temple became a church for Christians - l'Serve Allah Ali in it!- And read with quered generations until the al-Andalus Islam Tariq bin Ziyad and entered, Mawla of Musa ibn Nusayr cited and ordered the construction in the middle of that church. This was done, remaining half of the church in the hands of the Mozarabic (successful al-dzimma). And so it went until ruled al-Andalus the Fridge 'Abd al-Rahman al-Dakhil ben Mu'awiya, bought the second half of the church and the mosque and expanded excelsa, investing in construction hundred thousand dinars in weight.”

(Quote “Annals of Muslim Córdoba” Antonio Arjona Castro, taken from the manuscript of the Arabic text edited Tamagrut by Hussein Monés in the Journal of the Institute of Islamic Studies in Madrid (1965-66), under the title: New description of the Islamic Córdoba, pp. 161-181 Arabic text.)

Source: The Origin of the Mosque of Cordoba through Arab sources

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