The event that triggered the revolt of the Suburb

The event that triggered the revolt of the Suburb, according Muqtabis II the Ibn Hayyan.
In 1999 facsimile edition appeared Muqtabis II Manuscript, published by the Academy of History. Especially interesting because it is the incident that caused the terrible Revolt Suburb of Sacunda had such serious consequences in the capital emirate, whose effects were noted for a long time even in places far removed from al-Andalus.
The Castilian translation of the paragraph is the following:

The reason for that was that one of those soldiers of Sultan stationed at the door of his Alcázar and were frowned upon and hated by the people carried a sword with rust to one of the swordsmen of the souk to be the Brunese and tapers for , and asking that he should make soon. But the swordsmith dilated and dilated, and the soldier insisted again and again that it had just, complaining that he was afraid of being punished by his superior when he did and did not have to review the sword. But the swordsmith was postponing, ignoring him, until the soldier urged him that would set the tedious time, under threat of the villain who tried to kill taunt him. It enraged the soldier with sword smith and pushed him inside at your local, with blows and screams. The swordsmith hate lit and stirred the worst he had in his mind, and did not hesitate to go get the sword to a corner of his shop and, out of its sheath, gave her a blow to the soldier and killed him.

The revolt broke out with great violence, was forcefully repressed and cruelty, and had terrible consequences in the same text narrated Muqtabis. But the event which was the spark that caused so much disaster is now more clear and consistent.

Source: Arab Studies Shelf 2005, vol.16 p. 219-225

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