Travelogue: Aachen and a gift

As you know most of the regulars, during the last Fair legs went by land, and I took off in good company as far as I could, to find a friend who stayed in caps for a few days.

En uno de los viajecitos que nos marcamos aquellos días nos acercamos a conocer Aquisgrán, o Aachen, as the locals call (“Aaaaajen”), and would like to share with you two things. First, I remembered nothing more see Calleja, in the Cathedral, marble arches (Is marble? I do not know why I get pa) with black and white voussoirs. Second, I assure you that was the most beautiful thing I've seen in a while, for my eyes are not accustomed to churches in Byzantine plan, I have always been very exotic and… good, I do not know how to say, have a special harmony that should not have broken with additions to shape normal cathedral and current.

But not only the arches had a familiar taste (saving the distances from the midpoint to the Horseshoe). I It was strange being in a temple contemporary de nuestra Mezquita (antes Mezquita), also the eighth century. And mosaics adorning every ceiling, forgiveness, vaults, I wore the Cordoba mirhab, and business visits, politics and art between Byzantium and Cordoba in the X century.

Y tan contento estaba yo con mi película de influencias, when we go out and we hit the color reproduction and Cordoba arches material, on the front of the left of the front door.

The visit was short but intense Aachen. And we saw a few other wonderful cities, although no find anything I produce the same emotion to enter this ancient temple.

That yes, on a couple of occasions I saw clear references (and to me it seemed) to that pattern and colors look through the world. Sure that any parishioner has seen this facade before me, and has been somewhat confusing at her, as wondering: “Pretend that guy? Mimic the Mosque, or chance?”. The other time I saw clearly a reference, horseshoe arch included, was in a store, and so was I did not do any photo. Shame, now that I'm back home…

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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaag, I know have seen Door, I know and have seen have had that strange feeling without actually reconsider it, but that is why, for not paying attention now I am unable to locate exactly the building, but I have a slight idea. I remember there was another, in Markplaatz had a swanky horseshoe arch window in the main hall as, but at that lamentable and incomprehensibly I never did shoot.


  2. Messrs, Not!, You are not hallucinating! That is well! Assume once and for all a thousand years ago our Córdoba was; It was long, cultural influence, artistic, Western scientific and philosophical world known. What was done in Córdoba, is imitated, at all levels, exactly like the recent and current Parisian influences, Italian, New Yorkers and Londoners. And now, the Cordoba can travel by our cultural and economic level, we are realizing discovering them.
    Aquisgrám (as it is said) was one of the most important cities of Christianity and Westernism in time when Córdoba dazzled the known world. And it is no exaggeration. We begin to believe.

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