By Córdoba D. Pedro de Madrazo

An interesting book on digital Córdoba for full viewing on the net. Especially interesting are the descriptions of the phases of construction of the Mosque and the construction of the cathedral and the side chapels of making a thorough inventory, also dedicated texts to the gates of the city, and in those times some ruins, but still standing. For those who love the old photos and illustrations of the city, this book hides some surprises like those I include below. Enjoy it.

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  1. Superb Tabernero have given a review of the lightest of the five hundred odd pages. Very interesting.

    By faulted, illustrating that picture with the name of El Molino, is the Casa de las Siete Revueltas Bells, on it before it would be a mill.

    You felicito. With these jobs you will not go customers, not.

  2. Some details of the book:

    Published in Barcelona. Daniel Cortezo and Ca. Establishment Typographic Arts and Letters. 1884. 4º menor, 546pp-1h to table. VIII LAMINAS, 2 cromolitográficas, 6 fotograbos mounted on cardboard and an overview of Córdoba folded out text, profusion of engravings some full-page text. Nice original binding stamped cloth decorated in iron, decorated cuts. Spain: monuments and arts, nature and history. Carried to 2 paints, text notes to footnotes, some bibliographic. Pedro de Madrazo, 1816-1898. Miguel Joarizti, as. 1840-1910. Heribert Mariezcurrena, 1846-1898. Francisco Gómez Soler, 1870-1899.
    BGE.DCNA95-B3380. CCPB000236139-6.

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