Córdoba in the founding of the city of Los Angeles

There is no doubt that it is risky to establish connections between overseas our Mosque certain colonial buildings and grounds in America between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. But there was possibly. And further than expected. Many sources, more or less rigorous, give such inspiration for sure since the first buildings in Hispanic American Solar. Of them will realize, according to our possibilities, in the coming chapters. Be content today with present an unusual case that could well our city forever flirting with the current State of California. We left Judging You, Dear Reader reader, whether or not we are right.

First it is necessary, as usual, make a little history, the, at least, dusting of our memory. Although the first Spanish explorations in the territory of Alta California would have to overcome them 1542, year in which Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo reached the coast of the present city of San Diego, one large lot that extended beyond the boundaries of the Baja California remained unpublished for over two hundred years. In the second half of the eighteenth century the new expansionist policy sponsored by the Spanish monarchy of Charles III led the stable establishment in a territory populated mainly by Indians hitherto shoshone the apaches.

Map of the name America in the eighteenth century.
Map of the name America in the eighteenth century.

The Franciscan order was responsible for carrying out such an undertaking, established between 1769 and 1834 A total of twenty-one Missions, addition of different assistance, prisons and holidays, depending on the category of the foundation. The first of these missions was to San Diego, founded by Father Junipero Serra renowned Mallorcan (1769), who was, also, promoter others which led him to San Francisco Bay.

Missions and assists in Alta California (ss. XVIII-XIX)
Missions, assists and stay in Alta California (ss. XVIII-XIX)

But you should focus the attention of our story is founded on the mission 8 September 1771, chronologically the fourth foundation, by parents Pedro Cambon and Angel Somera banks of the river called the Earthquakes ('Shevaanga', in language shoshone): Mission San Gabriel Archangel, authentic embryo of the modern day film populous city of Los Angeles. In fact the assistance of Our Lady Queen of Angels, founded in 1784, dependent on this assignment.

Great legend, certainly created by the triumphant Christianity, relates that, shortly after the founding of the mission, Franciscan expedition had to face the shoshones, logically angry dispossession suffered by its fertile lands. Fortunately the Franciscans had a defensive weapon that neither could imagine the Wild shoshones: a painting of Our Lady of Sorrows, that mostrarla Alma primitive and weak These were rendered at such belleza. The chronicles tell that since then shoshones They willingly accepted the superiority Christian and white, devoting himself with great diligence to farming they encomendaban the fair missionaries in the mission orchards.

Our Lady of Sorrows, preserved inside the temple mission, whose beauty captivated miraculously the Shoshone.
Our Lady of Sorrows, preserved inside the temple mission, whose beauty captivated miraculously the Shoshone.

And you will wonder, Dear Reader reader, What have to do everything written so far with the Cordoba Mosque? Not anticipate aconcetimientos. Everything will come. Historical science should conduct meticulous and rigorous deductive method. Although well regarded, and spent two curious coincidences: the date of the founding of the mission, Cordoba Day co-patron; and the image of the Virgin of Sorrows, that for a moment imagine that would match the popular devotional image, transida of pain, John Prieto 1719.

But, first of all, Do you know Antonio Cruzado? What not? I tell. Father Antonio Cruzado was a Franciscan Cordoba called the Viceroyalty of New Spain to meet the new foundations that that order was established in faraway lands. Aimed at the San Gabriel Mission, of which he became responsible for a maximum of the same, was commissioned to design and erect the new church to be erected from 1779, that endeavor led him twenty-six years.

Map of the San Gabriel Mission. In the bottom, left, missional church plant is appreciated.
Map of the San Gabriel Mission. In the bottom, left, missional church plant is appreciated.

The temple, dial longitudinal character, made of stone, unlike other temples missionary, usually made of adobe, has forty-six meters long and just over eight wide. Precisely es su longitudinal edge, marked designed based regularly arranged buttresses, which, the sources, has obvious similarities with the south facades, east and west of the Great Mosque of Cordoba. Comprobémoslo.

Comparative images of the church of the Mission San Gabriel (Los Angeles) and the Mosque of Cordoba.
Comparative images of the church of the Mission San Gabriel (Los Angeles) and the Mosque of Cordoba.

A new image of the facade of the church of the Mission San Gabriel.
A new image of the facade of the church of the Mission San Gabriel.
Another picture of the church in a stereoscopic photograph of the late nineteenth century.
Another picture of the church in a stereoscopic photograph of the late nineteenth century.

On the other hand, although Father Junipero Serra was the introducer of the seed back in orange 1769, Father Antonio Cruzado, the Father Cruzado of U.S. chronic, also happens to be the first, with the clear support is native shoshones, to be the first orange grove in California scale territory in the year 1804. Have I missed your patio recondando Cordoba Mosque?

Patio de los Naranjos, Mosque of Cordoba.
Patio de los Naranjos, Mosque of Cordoba.

Is the first building in the city of Los Angeles inspired by the Mosque of Cordoba? Daring?? Unconsciousness?? Chauvinism in spades?? Likely. The perhaps in. Judge for yourself.

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  1. Stunning Mabuse, awesome. Of course you lavish bit lately, but this relieve you of all guilt. It is a wonder, but I say more, and is a speculation and even a fantasy. Note that I think is not only inspired by the Mosque of Cordoba, it is very possible that your dream was to finish building something like a replica of it.
    D. Antonio should be aware that the power of the church in Latin America would be increasing, and temples, like Córdoba, generations it took to put on foot. I think I had the goal of making another “mosque” there.
    Look who took care to establish the perimeter the same proportions as the Cordoba temple. Mindful that this is not anything.
    Is the size is known in meters enclosure?

  2. Dr. Mabuse primarily saludos, Long time no read you!, How about for my land?, hope good. The scenario described is interesting and probably accurate. Sure Latin America there are many connections to our city.

  3. Read on:

    “Father Antonio Cruzado designed the mission and has several unusual features. It is the only mission with Moorish architecture, and the front of the building is actually a sidewall. The design may have been based in the Cathedral of Cordoba, in Spain, was once a Muslim mosque. It is also built in stone, brick and mortar, unlike most of the missions were built of adobe.”

    Osea… if. Absolutely if.

  4. Greetings to all and all.

    Publican, I had read the information you indicate. And other than, in a somewhat repetitive, insisted on the same content, tracing the same sentences sometimes. But internet is what has. That you can not trust a hair. Beyond that express these websites, all California, I have focused on the aspect of the mission itself. And is that you know how are these Americans-the-north: somewhat exaggerated, Lovers of the exotic. The lack of a strong own history leads them or obliged to see medieval castles in the desert of Arizona… They are so.

    At any rate, is not unreasonable to inspire a Cordovan is the first building of the city and try to reproduce, rationally as you indicate in your disbelief you hypothesis or unconsciously, in a construction. That's why I brought you here. Case met by chance before the summer and I have not been able to write an article about it until today due to time constraints and the 'marditah oposisioneh'. The Virgin of Sorrows is Hollywood film. Too bad the picture does not match the one stored in the Hospital of San Jacinto. In fact, Chapter native riot is contemporary with the founding of the mission (1771) and we are not aware of the presence of Antonio Cruzado it before 1779. Is if it is a replica of the image of the Virgen de los Dolores Cordoba, MEA and pa is not echá drop! But with less argument of these Jolivú you ride a 3D movie…

    As for the measures, I have the church: 150 feet (45,72 meters) long, by 27 width (8,2296 meters), by 30 High (9,144). With a few simple operations can be given with the full perimeter of the enclosure. Tomorrow I print the map and do the relevant calculations.

    Y a tí, The Hill, greetings alike. For your land, cold as carallo. And with a fog that does not see two feet. It is also a pleasure to read you. Regards.

  5. Awesome, Doctor. I had no idea that history. Of course for me there is no doubt the source of inspiration that wall. And the word would not come shoshoni of Shoshone, mote probable to put them Antoñito Cruzado “Magic”? For there to be unlocked by Shoshone pa stand in awe by such botched box.

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