Córdoba in the tropics

Palais des Ursulines. Havana

Palais des Ursulines. Havana. Cuba.

I like the morning
I drank coffee after
walk about Havana
my sigarro ensendío.
I have a house in Havana
designed for you
with ivory floor
platform and the ceiling of,
white dove for you,
I Fleur de Lis.

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  1. Joderrr! is the leshe!
    It seems to work Marselino Ferrero.
    Now, that is an architectural influence Cordoba. It looks like a house from the exhibition.

  2. The bottom is, clearly, copy (the influence) Macsura and Chapel of Villaviciosa de Cordoba Mosque. Arte califal, definitely. The rest see it more with Seville and Granada Moorish influences, even Toledo. A great example of nineteenth-century Andalusian and Spanish influences brand regionalism in the former Spanish colony penultimate. Bella called public attention to the notes. I like.

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