Copa Bernegal, XVIII (1715-1725), Lázaro Galdiano Foundation

Description cataloging

Oval glass type which tapers towards the base, sixteen different snacks, marking the largest being the axes; in the center of the largest of the long sides, ge tote cartons in raising the curve above the mouth and have beaded trim on the edge. Below the body, short neck and a tapered oval molded foot up slightly. […]. (CRUZ VALDOVINOS, J.M.).

Old Inventory

Oval and gallon silver fruit bowl, Golden on the outside, Scroll with two handles cut in its long sides. Average Punches frustos on one gallon of Mexico seems. Height, 70 mm.; width, 185 mm. (CAMPS CAZORLA, Emilio 1949-1950) .

Museum Listing

Stock No.: 3915
Collection: SILVER
Author: Jose Jimenez Illescas.
Title: Bernegal.
Chronology: XVIII (1715-1725)
School: Spanish
Place of production: Cordova / Spain.
Material: Silver.
Technique: Golden, and cast molding
Dimensions: 9,5 x 18,5 cm.
Location: Treasuries

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