Arab capital – Lázaro Galdiano Foundation (Madrid)

Old Inventory

Arab capital, compound, white marble, Equine high floral themes and hanging scrolls. Tracing feature on the top. Height, 350 mm.; width, 310 mm. (CAMPS CAZORLA, Emilio 1949-1950) .


From Cordoba (Lazaro Collection). In 1926-27 is mentioned in the Lazaro Collection.

Museum Listing

Stock No.: 8185
Author: Spanish
Title: Capital
Chronology: X
School: Spanish
Place of production: Spain
Material :Marble
Technique :Size
Dimensions: 35 x 31 cm
Location: CABINET, Showcase 22.1

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  1. Another element “lost” from the beautiful Madinat Al-Zahra, clearly. Decorate many of them remote today and decontextualized! Who could recover to watch remain in their home! An unaffordable luxury, at least physically.

  2. But Ben-Saprut do not need to go that far, “to remote and decontextualized” to see them, just look in the bowels “home” of many people to know the inner plundering.

  3. Can not call plundering all, because in many cases it is. The concept of antiques and museum figure, are inventions of the Enlightenment (before yesterday) above Medina Azahara, for example, was nothing more than a pile of demolition of Cordoba which hauled stone to build their houses. And ess is that in many cases city, individuals have in their yards.

    • Yes. It was the famous “miraculous quarry” (with stones and elaborate) Old Cordoba. But they needed special permission to touch, something that made King Ferdinand III in the thirteenth century. I do not think that would give permission to pick a capital, a column or ataurique. I'm sure it was illegal.

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